Protect, Clean, Restore

A Cleaner Environment

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Pelona Vista Park

Our first event started off with Pelona Vista Park. We have done 5+ events here, where we have picked 30+ trash bags with our amazing volunteers.


Barrel Springs Trial

With so much wildlife and our environment being impacted, we visited our local walking trail in order to restore the beauty of nature. With 30+ trash bags picked up during our events, we are surely making an impact.


McAdam Park

It was amazing to see how clean this park was. We focused on the back side, which was mainly desert all over, where we were able to pick 10+ trash bags.


About Us

Break New Grounds was first an idea in September of 2020. As of October 2, 2020, Break New Grounds was on its way to creating a safer and cleaner world.


Break New Grounds is an organization based on preserving Earth and maintaining a safe environment in our communities.

With the fires and items such as masks being thrown all over the floors, we want to make a change in our community. 

Our organization was not started for our benefit, but for the benefit of those who use community parks and trails. So that they may be able to enjoy a safe and clean environment without seeing trash taking over the parks


Year Established


Bags of Trash Collected


Signed Volunteers


Community service Hours provided


Year Established


Signed Volunteers


Hours of Community Service


Bags of Trash Collected

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